Vehicle Identification

Vehicle Identification Number Inspection

Vehicle Identification Number Inspection

vehicle identification number VIN inspection

1. PC and software packages

1.1 Asus Lamborghini Eee PC Vx6

Microptik®VIN Inspection System Toolkit for on-site vehicle theft assessment includes an Asus-Automobili Lamborghini Eee PC VX6 laptop. With Windows®7 Home premium Operating system, dual core 1,8GHz processor and latest generation NVIDIA® IONTM graphics, this is the best possible platform to conduct VIN inspection image analysis and reconstruction with the use of provided Mikroptic tailored Software. Its 12,1” display makes it perfect for portable applications and on-site real-time plate identification, and the USB 3.0 connection with the inspection devices (camera, handheld microscope, paint thickness and eddy current measurement devices) provides an efficient and faster hardware communication.


Operating System

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
Express Gate
. This version contains all product updates (SP1)


12.1" LED Backlight HD (1366x768) Screen


Intel® Atom™ D525 (Dual Core; 1.8GHz) Processor


Intel® NM10 Express Chipset


DDR3, 1 x SO-DIMM, 1GB/2GB/4GB ( Maximum 4GB )


2.5" SATA 250GB/320GB HDD, 500GB 

Wireless Data Network

WLAN 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz*1
Bluetooth V3.0(Optional)


1.3 M Pixel Camera


Hi-Definition Audio CODEC, Stereo Speakers, High Quality Mic


1 x VGA Connector
1 x USB 2.0
2 x USB 3.0
1 x LAN RJ-45
1 x HDMI
2 x Audio Jack (Headphone/Mic-In)
1 x Card Reader : SD/ SDHC/ SDXC/ MMC


6-cell 2.6Ah (57.72Wh) Li-ion Battery Pack


297 x 204 x 28.67 mm (WxDxH)


1.5 Kgs (w/ 6cell battery)


Glossy : Black, White

1.2. Tailored VIN inspection Software

VIN inspection software is the tailored software, developed by Microptik®, which allows instant decoding of the vehicle identification number, providing information about world manufacturer, vehicle model, engine type, body type and serial number as a quick assessment of its provenance and legality.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique serial number used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds.        

The VIN consists of a 17 characters’ alphanumeric code. Letters I and O are excluded to avoid confusion with numbers 1 and 0.

It is located in different parts of the vehicle and a basic verification test to see if it has been manipulated outside legality consists on the comparison and consistency between the numbers of each VIN plate.

Microptik VIN inspection software can identify  and decode the VIN in seconds and by comparison of model, manufacturer, serial number etcetera the authorities can asses immediately if the vehicle meets legal terms or not.

Software features:

· Detailed VIN decoding;

-          world manufacturer,

-          vehicle model,

-          engine type,

-          body type

-          serial number

· User friendly interface;

· Automatic report generation;

· Regular updates.

1.3. Smart-eye VIN reconstruction Software

This is Microptik® software for visualization and analysis of the images taken with the VIN Camera, the handheld microscope and the paint thickness measurement device. By image analysis and reconstruction this software allows to asses if VIN plates have been intentionally modified in any way and eventually return the original number.

Covering, erasing, removing, replacing, repainting, scratching and other mechanical or chemical methods can be used to modify the characters in the VIN plate for illegal purposes, hindering the tracking down of criminal cases.

By image inspection using the camera, the handheld microscope and the ferric paint measuring device, this image analysis software can if not revert to original data, at least probe that illegal modifications have taken place on the VIN plate. Pixel homogeneity (image analysis) can point out if strange, not consistent characters or chemicals agents have been used on the plate, and measurement of the paint thickness may identify if there are coatings (greater thickness, in the case of covered and overwritten characters) or indentations, (less thickness, when characters have been mechanically erased, scratched out or filed down).

In most cases with this analysis the original characters can be obtained. In the cases where a very fine work has been done this technique is also valid to identify that something has been done to modify the plate, but the combination with the Eddy current measuring device is needed to reach back the original numbers on the plate.

1.4. Reference VIN inspection Guide

This toolkit for VIN inspection system contains also a very useful Reference Guide with more information about the coding of the Vehicle Identification Numbers, the ways in which plate numbers can be altered and real case examples of how to use this toolkit to identify and assess these illegal modifications.

2. Inspection devices

2.1. VIN Camera

It is a zoom camera (with exchangeable 60x, 100x and 150x objective lens) to take pictures of the vehicles and VIN plates that can later be analyzed with the software by connecting the camera to the PC via USB or by the SD memory card. The multiple functions, such as built-in LED lighting and AF, will enable pictures under different scopes, providing new methods to examine micro subjects.

The patented "fully dimmable illumination" (8 built-in white LEDs) enable the VIN camera to focus quickly and correctly.

Specifications and Package content

-       VIN camera module incl. NB-4L Li-ion battery

-       Canon IXUS 870 platform

-       0-cm Working Distance and LED ring illumination. 

-       60x, 100x and 150x objective Lens provided.

-       NB-5L Li-ion battery for camera

-       Battery charger for NB-5L Li-ion battery

-       2 GB and 32 MB SD Card 

-       Latex contact rings

-       Calibration Labels (2 sheets with 30 labels)

2.2. Handheld portable Microscope

A handheld portable microscope is included in the kit for inspection of particularly small and difficult to access VIN plates. Light, small and portable, it can be use on the spot to attain high quality images with magnification up to 200x. It has self-incorporated adjustable LED ring light for illumination of the area of inspection without the need of an extra illumination source. This microscope is very easy to use since it only needs to be connected to a PC through USB connection.


-       Adjustable focus

-       Magnification: 5x - 200x @ 17” monitor full screen view

-       Optical Format: 1/3" CMOS Sensor(4:3)

-       Field of View:

Min.: 2.35 mm x 1.75 mm @ 17 mm working distance (200x- 2.8 μm/pixel)(0.48632MP per mm2)

Max.: 100mm x 76 mm@300 mm working distance (5x)

-       Image Sensor: 2 Mega pixels

-       Video Capture Resolution 1600x1200,1280x960,640x480

-       Color: 24bit RGB or YUV or MJPG

-       Lens: High Precision Microscope Lens

-       Focus Range: Manual from 8mm to 300mm

-       White Balance: Auto / Exposure time: Auto

-       Light Source: Integrated adjustable LED ring illumination

-       Length: 122 mm / Diameter: 36 mm

-       Output: USB-model: USB streaming video

-       Power supply: 5V DC from USB port

2.3. Paint thickness measurement device (ferric) and Eddy current analyzer

It is a handheld, electronic Gage for non-destructive measurement of the thickness of coatings on all metals, quickly and accurately. The principle of operation is based on the combination of two probes for coating thickness measurement and Eddy current analysis: F-probes use the magnetic principle to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on ferrous metals and N-probes use the eddy current principle to measure thickness of non conductive coatings on non-ferrous metals.

It is very compact, for handheld portable analysis of paints and coatings on VIN plates regardless of the nature, magnetic/non-magnetic, conductive/non-conductive, ferrous/non-ferrous of the material inspected material

It is specially suited for

-          Powder coatings

-          Paint films applications

-          Films and stickers

-          Indentations, scratches, filed downs and wedges in metal supports.


-       Fast, repeatable measurements

-       No calibration required for most applications

-       ZERO feature for rough or curved surfaces

-       Handy RESET feature when no zero reference is available

-       Strong, wear-resistant, ruby-tipped probe

-       Unique FLIP Display enables right-side-up viewing

-       in any position

-       Audible and visible measurement indication

-       V-groove in probe for positioning on cylindrical parts

-       Mils/Microns switch-able units

-       Basic instructions on the back of each gage

-       Built-in wrist strap for added convenience and safety

-       2 Year Warranty