Turn-Key Lab Solutions

Turn-Key Laboratory Solutions

Turn-Key Laboratory Solutions
Microptik provides consultancy, training, supply and development of analytical technology for turn-key projects. With over 25 years of experience in the plastic industry we can help clients out with many issues: We are a proud partner of OCS GMBH www.ocsgmbh.com

22 March 2013: We congratulate OCS with obtaining the Sadara contract to build a complete turn-key lab in Jubail Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!
The Sadara project planned for the Saudi port of Jubail on the Persian gulf is one of Aramco's biggest projects ($20 billion) ever.

                            In the plastic industry we provide consultancy, training in
                            Spectroscopy (FT(N)IR, UV, VIS, Raman, NMR, X-ray fluorescence,
                            mass spectroscopy, AAS)
                            GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS
                            Microscopy (conventional, digital, hot stage)
                            Image analysis 
                            Inhomogeneity (gel) counting                            
                            Rheology, Extrusion,
                            DSC, COF, Density, extractables

                            Material testing (Izot, Vicat, Bal drop, Harness, Tensile
                            Haze, Gloss)
                            Analytical Method Development and more                        
Order our new presentation "what is next in plastic Quality Control"                          
Written by Henry van Lieshout
Auther has
been involved in many analytical development projects is his career (in Dow Chemicals, OCS GMBH and Microptik BV)
For the last years auther has been Involved in many major Turn key projects.                 
ask us for our reference list.

We are familair with most processes

Mmicroptik What is next in plastic quality control