Top-Eye P5 (LR SPLT)

Industrial 3D Microscope Inspection System with Laser Topography Top-Eye P5 (LR-SPLT)

Industrial 3D Microscope  Inspection System with Laser Topography Top-Eye P5 (LR-SPLT)
The LR (Lab-Robot ®) Stereo Pair Laser Topography Top-Eye P5 is a high end ALL PURPOSE microscopic system which can do almost anything when it comes to optical microscopy and laser topography. The unique concept allows all sorts of samples to be analyzed without any sample preparation step. Whatever the size of the sample is, the LR SPLT Top-Eye P5 can adjust the optical configuration in such a way that all parts of the sample can be analyzed

3D Inspection System Top-Eye P5!
3D digital microscope

The system allows sophisticated 3D reconstruction techniques to be applied, for the optical microscope as well as the Laser topography and to be superposed flawlessly. The result of these techniques are full 3D interactive maps which allows the user to ‘walk through’ the virtual landscape.The system is ideal for add on accessories such as  heating stages and environmental chambers.
With superb optics and camera technology, magnifications up to 7000X can be attained with unbelievable high quality images. Samples can be tilted to allow all sorts of ‘hidden’ artifacts to be inspected with a simple mouse click. The fully automatic 3 axis system allows easy navigation of low and high magnification at any place of the sample. Illumination can be arranged through co-axial, ring or back light, allowing all sorts of dark field, or bright field experiments to be carried out.

Laser Topography & 3D Microscopy combined

Digital Microscope, 3D Microscope
The LR SPLT Top-Eye P5 is a system which utilizes stereo pare Laser  topography in combination with  ultrafast 3D scanning microscopy  techniques.
With this unique combination large surfaces can be acquired extremely fast without any compromise in quality and resolution. The technique utilizes a stereo pair camera system with appropriate lenses to measure the profile of the laser line. Then mathematical processing allows the profile to be converted into a 3D map. The advantage of a Stereo Pair LT configuration is that artifacts are inspected from two independent points, leading to a much better representation and insight in the complexity of the sample. The motorized stages allow the operator to move instantaneously to  a certain  point of interest on the sample
The 3D Microscopy System  is realized by using  unique DFD (Depth From Defocus) techniques in combination with full automatic 3 axes stages, special optics, illumination  and proprietary image analysis software. For material analysis  as well as for bioluminescence applications we provide the technology to reconstruct 3D images to superb  quality.
Add on of all sorts of high end accessories: Tilting tables, robotization, automation, rotation tables, all sorts of illumination, i.e. UV, VIS, IR, fluorescence, polarization, DIC, Heating stages. Micro plate, inverse microscopy, particle analysis, fiber analysis, topography and many more. Custom Built High Throughput Analyis!

All possible applications in one system!


  • Large samples of any form
  • No sample preparation
  • From low till high magnification (7000x)
  • 3 fully automated motorized axes
  • Tilting of sample for hard to access defect inspection
  • Never lost navigation
  • Full scan of complete sample
  • 3D reconstruction and surface profiling
  • Easy add on accessories (i.e. heating cooling stages)
  • Extremely versatile and powerful software
  • High throughput of any procedure
  • Particle counting (morphometric analysis)
  • Fiber analysis
  • Topography analysis
  • Superposition of layer


Sample size: (from small to A4)
Resolution LT:  max. 15 µm
Resolution Optical: max .6 µm
Max speed of LT: 1 A4 in 10 sec.
Max speed of Optical microscopy DFD: complete 3D reconstruction in 1 sec (for FOV  view  200 µm x 200 µm
Software: Complete  package of Mishell available:  OS: Windows 7 or Higher
Computer: Based on Intel