Top-Eye P1

High Quality 3D Digital Microscope (Top-Eye P1)

High Quality 3D Digital Microscope (Top-Eye P1)
a High-End All Purpose Digital Video Microscope for many applications: 3D inspection, industrial quality control, material analysis, medical and pharmaceutical, forensic, high throughput screening, The Top-eye P1 is a Unique system: Quality matches all High End systems. Highly sophisticated and Easy to Use. Flexible System to adapt for any Application using BYOS concept. Many Add-on Accessories and Application units available! Best performance for an attractive price!
The field of applications of digital microscopes in microscopy has become incredible vast. Ever since digital cameras, advanced optics, sensors, stepper motors and related software came into play, the field of applications has expanded to such an extent that it takes more than a full time job to cope with all the nuances of technologies which are now at hand for the user.

3D Digital Microscopy
The evolution of digital video microscopy has been very fast. With the rise of microscopy building blocks, which can be bought off the shelf, one can build your  own system (BYOS - Bild Your Own System) with a prices which are significantly less than some of the renowned brands. The quality of these BYOS systems are superb. Pricewise these BYOS systems are coming more and more in reach for any user. 

digital microscope 3D


  • Unique system
  • Quality matches all high end systems
  • Highly sophisticated and Easy to Use
  • Flexible system to adapt for any application using BYOS concept
  • Many add-on accessories and application units available!
  • Best performance for the lowest price!
  • Wide field of applications
We supply our Top-eye systems to various businesses and institutes who apply them in Material Science, Metallurgy, Plastic, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutic, Biotechnology, Education, Medical, Productronics, Electronics, Forensic,
Physical Research, Tools & Devices, Oil & Gas, and many more.
3D digital microscope
3D digital microscope

Technical Data:

  • 18 Megapixel USB3 camera , 18f/s
  • High quality 12x Zoom
  • Revolver for any objective
  • 4 objectives
  • Motorized ultra precision Z stand
  • LED Coaxial-, Ring and Backlight
  • Multipurpose USB Controller
  • Mishell Software
  • Plug & Play on any Windows and higher platform
  • Auto calibration
  • 3 years guarantee

Best Quality Modular Digital video Microscope in the market!