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Microptik software

As an inovative technology partner we provide services in developing software, custom built for our clients in the field of analytical technology. With an ever growing team of analytical experts and software engineers specialized in developing software for all sorts of analytical applications we have become a strong and reliable partner for our costomers.With our focus on productivity we help to shorten the development time and to sustain the competitive advantage for our clients to focus on having the best possible products for the lowest cost. In our road to develop a product for our clients, be it hard or soft ware, we listen carefully to the need of our clients, adapt on all fronts, be it the assembly of modules, subsystems as well as complete end products.

Microptik software

Our team of specialists are a blend of all sorts. Dynamic, fresh, out of the box and utterly experienced in the analytical topic:

For disciplines like industrial mathematics, process control, electronics, technical software, simulation, embedded architect, user interface we have specialist who speak your  language. Een more, we can help you further in biulding a solid platfrom. We have expertise in development methodologies,  program languages (C, C++, C#), tooling and (real time)  operating systems. We have expertise in embedded and real-time software, Microsoft, .NET, Linux, architecture, Java, test and technologie platforms like Labview. We persue in our work Quality, Productivity and  Flexibiity. We cooperate as a partner. finding solutions and create a sustainable satisfaction to our clients.
In this chapter you find several off the shelf software packages which have been developed as a result  of several development projects our team has carred our for our clients.
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