Size and Shape

Size and Shape in pellets and powders

Size and Shape in pellets and powders
The Morphious V1 Pellet Size & Shape Distribution system is a top of the line analyzer system to determine in real time the morphometry of granules. The system uses a hopper to collect the samples on a vibration table where the granules are dispersed and prepared for a free fall. During the free fall a CCD camera system catches all (morphometry) details of the granules.

The Pellet Size and Shape Distribution analyzer
Morphious V1

size and shape analyzer

Regular granule size and shape greatly contribute to the safe guarding of quality during further processing. Recognizing quality at the right time means a large contribution to competitiveness.
Morphious V1 it's robust instrument, which can be used for the characterization or variety of plastic granules and pellets handled or produced in various industries. The size and shape analyzer allows a very precise qualification and quantification of sizes as well as shapes of the particles and the related distribution.
Size and Shape of pellets and powders
The Morphious V1 analyzer is applicable for laboratory purposes as well as on-line inspection. The pellets can be submitter as a sample or it can be withdrawn from the production line by creating a bypass. Using a bypass system gives the user the advantage of direct inspection of the material during the production process. This allows quicker reaction to any defects.
size and shape analyzer
The system uses a hopper to collect the samples on a vibration table where the granules are dispersed and prepared for a free fall. During the free fall a CMOS camera system catches all (morphometry)  details of the granules.  All sorts of defects can be visualized and quantified in a simple manner through 2 dimensional morphometric plots. This procedure appears  to be very useful in characterizing tails (noses, clusters, smears, sheets, chunks, junk), clusters of Neatly Cut Pellets (sticking pellets, marriages, doublets, triplets), melt fracture (shark skin, fines), partially frozen orifice holes  (noodles, macaroni, dog bones, smalls, fines).  
siza and shape analyzer PSSD
Distribution plots show the consistency of the granules. In comparison with the old sieving method much more detail is provided, allowing the producer to get more insight in the quality and also to build on improvement processes to get better and consistent granules.

The software of Pellet Size and Shape Distribution analyzer

With software the Critical to Quality (CTQ) parameters are displayed to the operator. The user can define all sorts of criteria which are useful for the characterization of the granules for a specific application. The inspection can be observed on a monitor and visible defects marked and indexed. Images of special importance can be stored and the results represented by a variety of graphics and tables, that can be printed. The data, software adjustments, the time and duration of the inspection can be easily accessed. This facilitates later evaluation or long-term evaluation.
The system allows to inspect an equivalent of 50 kg per hour with all granules captured. This means that a great deal of computer capacity is needed for such analysis.
The data is stored in databases and can be retrieved in an easy way. The user can define all sorts of recipes relevant for a quality control application. Infinite graphical possibilities are offered to characterize the quality of the granules.
Size and Shape in pellets and powders software
Size and Shape in pellets and powders software
The sophisticated software on the Morphious V1 Pellet Size and Shape Distribution systems allows extensive inspection of Critical to Quality inspection of all possible matters related with the quality of the granulation production process.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Modular architecture
  • Utilization
  • Optimal lighting techniques
  • Real-time image analysis
  • Cluster plots
  • Table view
  • Mosaic view
  • Graphic of the characteristics
  • Time evolution
  • Process synchronization
  • Interface for external applications
  • Open database

Technical Data 

Size Range
Up to 7 kg/h
from 0.5mm till 5mm
Camera CMOS sensor, 2MP, 1936 x 1216 Pixel Global shutter, M, Sensor 1/1.2”, USB3
Lighting LED screen, High  frequency synchronized.
lamp white light spectrum;
Power consumption: 32 W
Computer Industrial Intel®Core™ i7 Duo
Up-to-date technology
Software Operating System Windows 10
Special Image Processing
Communication protocol MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP/IP, OPC, SQL,  file transfer (customized), PROFIBUS  Implementation to other Fieldbus-Systems  possible
Remote control Extender max. 100 m
Service remote control
Physical interfaces Ethernet 10/100 M Base T, USB, RS 485,
RS 232, digital & analogue I/0, Fieldbus
Size dimension (l,w,h)
80 x 33 x 35 cm
approx. 49 kg
Power supply 230V AC/115V AC, 50/60 Hz
Temperature 10 – 40°C