Positioning Systems

Positioning Systems
With many years of experience in mechanical engineering, Microptik group has the will of help our customers to develop all kind of setups for positioning samples and equipments in any process. Stands, holders, or any setup for accurate position and flexible operation procedures in any analytical application.
The aim of us is BYOS based projects (build your own system), so, in that sense, we feel capable of design and develop positioning systems tailored to our clients needs.

In the field of motion control in analytical technology, there are many different products lines and many different technologies according to the process needs. We have a wide range of options depending on the specifications of each application, that allows us to be always a good partner for our clients.
We can provide basic or customizable stands as standard product for microscopy and spectroscopy to hold the equipment and give some extra features such as flexibility in movement and accuracy and reproducibility of the measures.

basic stand microscopyflexible stand microscopyflexible stand microscopy 1microptik microscope boom stand smart-eye pad

We also produce different setups for positioning of hardware, optics, accessories and samples in many different applications. We can develop this positioning systems with customizable configuration, single- or multiaxis setups, motorized or manual, robotic arms, etc. We have developed our own controller that assures the correct work of this systems, and we can integrate these routines in software to make automatic processes. When using motorized systems, extreme precision, high speed and automatic control is available and it can give a big boost in productivity of any process.

We can provide complete setups or individual components within the best budget, always ready to work and with highest quality equipment.

    Microptik positioning system
    XRF, sample system robotic arm

Although all of these products can suit in most of the cases with the needs of our customers, one of our biggest strengths is the development of new technology. Creative solutions for specific problems that need special out of the box thinking combined with experience and knowledge in the field.
Application driven development for our customizable complex systems, we can handle any application and adjust to any equipment.
We manufacture holders for perfect adjustment of the devices needed for an analysis, we can make assemblys of motorizeed axis to assure extremely precise position in 3 dimensions of any setup. We use lasers and cameras for GPS kind of position monitoring. We have different technologies for higher speed movement, extremely sensitive focus level or alignement, we can combine all of this features to suit with the needs of any process and control it automatically without any problem.

Microptik positioning system   3 axis positioning system with laser and camera motion controllab-robot sampler system