Digital video microscopy High Quality Inspection Microscope Owl-eye

Digital video microscopy High Quality Inspection Microscope Owl-eye
Quality inspection from every angle, no detail will scape unnoticed.


BYOS Owl-eye Quality inspection from every angle- With Tablet PC and Microptiks universal controller so precise, accurate and automatic control of the lens possition and movement is possible through the software.

- A high throughput lens up to 7000x magnification with automatic zoom for detailed inspection to sub-micron scale.

- Rotatory table for 360 degree inspection that also moves in x-y so every point of the sample can be checked from every angle and automatic Z-axis (hight) that can be tilted so also corners intentations and laterals of the specimen may be inspected for quality test, giving also depth information that is recogniced by our tailored sofware to get 3D modeling.

- Included Image Analysis Software with binarization for particle size and shape anlysis and filtering will make quality inspection easy and quantitative so comparison with requirements and normallized standards can be assessed. The software, supported by conventional operation systems, is also featured so that it can communicate with Microptik Universal Controller so an accurate possitioning of the lens and sample can be achieved  and also an automatic focusing by motorized Z-axis to control the focal distance.

- Illumination, can be tailored for inspecting al kinds of material, including transparent and translucid samples. A difractive glass will prevent any glare, blur or reflection and optional ring LED light can illuminate homogeneusly the specimen from every angle.