Optical Microscopy

MicrOptik is ready to provide you any Microscope which available on our market today or any Hybrid System made especially for you. We are Custom Built Analytical Platform and willing to do our best for you to perform experiments on state of the art imaging equipment designed in accordance with your demands. All microscopes feature customizable options to add a huge variety of accessories to tailor system to your exact science. Our Software guides you from the setup to the analysis of the imaging data ensuring straightforward setup and control of experiments.

Modern Compound Optical Microscope is a highly efficient instrument applied in various fields. Varied variants of the basic compound optical microscope design apply different illumination techniques to generate an improved contrast image from a sample. Due to this able to fulfill a wide range of applications with specific conditions. Getting high-quality images is easy with the new microscopes from MicrOptik company. The large number of accessories allows you to customize your microscope for themselves and facilitate the work with him.