Digital video microscopy BYOS Oil inspection system

Digital video microscopy BYOS Oil inspection system
BYOS Oil-Eye is a revolutionary product for quality oil analysis.
This system allows identification of wrong or mixed lubricants.

BYOS Oil Inspection system

Trivector oil inspection technology diagramBYOS Oil-Eye is a revolutionary product designed by Microptik to inspect oil in a flow through cell for the detection of impurities and quality control. One of the most compromising pollutants of oil in lubricants are the solid particles resulting fomprecipitation or crystallization of impurities the oil. With our high end image analysis software, we can characterize these particles and assess if the oil is suitable for its application as lubricant for automotive and aviation engines as an example.

For this the Tri-Vector technology is employed combined together with renown highly featured Microptik software for image analysis and particle shape and size characterization.

This system allows identification of wrong or mixed lubricants. Oil inspection sampling system consists of a graduated cylinder filled with oil, a mass balance, tubing, a microscopic feed through optical sampling cell, a liquid pump and a waste container. In the graduated cylinder a dielectric contstant probe is placed. Through the liquid sampling cell the oil can be inspected on particles nature and characteristics. All in one simple setup, a powerful and easy to use tool for complete characterization of oil.


  • Excellent optics system for accurate microscopy analysis.
  • Height measurement functions and 3D models generation.
  • LED backlight with diffuse mirror special for particle counting.
  • Customizable light conditions with different illumination and contrast enhancement accessories available.
  • 2 MP CCD  1/1.8” progressive scan Bayer mosaic color sensor; FPS - 25 fps; Resolution: 1624 (h) x 1236 (v) 4.4μm squared pixels.
  • Dielectric constant module stand-alone that combines sensor and processing electronics.


  • Automatic control of hardware: Light conditions and motor control.
  • Acquisition of images/video in different resolutions.
  • Dinamic particle size and shape analysis. Particle counting and morphometric parameters acquisition.
  • 2D and 3D analysis and measurement of particles.
  • Filtering of the results. Distribution and characterization of particles by morphometric parameters.

Oil Eye Byos oil inspection system