Lab-Robot Oil Inspection System

lab robot oil -eyeoil inspection sistem trivector lab-robot

Microptik has produced ideal configuration for trivector oil quality inspection machine health monitoring, combining viscosity measurement, dielectric constant determination and particle size and shape image analysis. It can detect lubricant wear, chemical changes and contaminants in the process line with the help of a flow through cell.

With this three inspections in a single on-process analyzer, the lubricant wear, chemistry and contamination will be assessed saving valuable time according to the ISO 18436-4 Standards and with the ASTM D7416-08 certification to produce the triangular diagram.


· Compact viscometer incorporated to trivector analyzer.
· Compact dielectric analyzer incorporated to trivector oil inspection System.
· high magnification lens and CMOs digital camera for image analysis.
· highly featured tailored software for machine health monitoring with hardware control
· versatile illumination options to avoid glares and optical aberrations.
· Flow through cell with peristaltic pump, balance, waste container and needed accessories and tubing.
· Motorized positioning system for automatic and accurate analysis of various oil samples simultaneously-
· Very accurate, long term reproducibility.
· Adjustable calibration features.
· Experiment standardized to ISO 18436 requirements and ASTM D7416-08 certification.
· Accurate temperature control, Operation: 15ºC- 45ºC +/- 0.5ºC
· Viscosity output at 40ºC (ISO) with +/- 3% error.
· Detection of pure, mixed oils.
· Detection of Water content, viscosity, ferrous density, particles size and shape distribution and dielectric constant.
· No sample preparation required.
· Versatile for in-process line application.