Heating & Cooling Stage MTS120

Heating & Cooling  Stage MTS120
MicrOptik’s MTS120 series are Peltier based temperature controlled heating and cooling stages. The MTS120 stages are an ideal instrument for optical thermal microscopy and spectroscopy applications as well as for other general applications where an optimum optical access and the temperature control around 0°C are required. The MTS120 can be easy incorporated into any complex high-tech setup and it is the best solution for Geological, Biological, Chemical, Fluid Inclusion, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, or other Materials Science applications

MicrOptik’s MTS120 stages are developed for a temperature range from -20°C to 120°С. The MTS120 stages supplies with high precision MTDC600 programmable temperature controller. MTDC600 temperature controller can be operated by Software or Manually. It makes the system more adaptive and flexible. To provide a stable temperature below 0°C MC-5L water chiller is provided.

Heating and Cooling  Stage for microscopy
MicrOptik’s Thermal Stage MTS120 provides cooling up to -20°C without liquid Nitrogen cooling system or refrigerated circulators. This feature makes system more simple and cost effective. Furthermore the usage of Thermoelectric Cooling Technology makes MTS120 as a convenient system for continuously usage during long experiments. The compact and simple design allows the stage to be positioned on any XY table, allowing the user to carry out all sorts of experiments in the most convenient manner.

Heating and cooling stage for microscopy

MTS120 Features

heating stage features

MTS120 Technical Specifications
Temperature range -20°C to 120°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Temperature control method Switching PID-PID
Temperature control sensor RTD
Sample area 25mm x 40mm (other sample area optional)
Chamber height Standard 4mm (other per request)
Sample viewing aperture 32mm (other per request )
Objective working distance 6mm (shorter working distance optional)

MTDC600 Temperature Controller and Software

The MTDC600 is a high performance temperature controller with resolution and accuracy 0.1°C. The controller MTDC600 has a built-in power supply and can be controlled manually or through a USB2.0 communication port. Software provides a convenient platform for all possible experiments. PID parameters, temperature limits and control essentials can be easily selected through the relevant menus.

Heating and Cooling  Stage for microscopy


MTS120 Overall Dimensions

Heating and Cooling  Stage for microscopy
System Configuration
Heating & Cooling Stage


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