Morphious B1 (MT) Pellet Geometry

Abnormal Pellet Geometry Analyser system

Abnormal Pellet Geometry Analyser system
Morphious B1 Abnormal Pellet Geometry Analyser system enables the identification and counting of irregular shaped granules or powders. This system is especially useful for transparent pellets. The system Identifies and counts the amount of granules or powders which are out of specification.
Operation of this system is very simple. The bench top system can be implemented in many different fields. I.e. Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, food, plastic and many more

With our "Brilliant" technolgy we can measure all possible nuances of a pellet or powder and hence generate a Quality Control report specifying the amount of non-regular pellets or powders in a sample.
In this way the producer can safeguard the quality of the pellet or powder production.

Normal pellets

Abnormal pellets