Machine vision positioning systems

Best quality and tailored designed systems for positioning of machine vision hardware, optics or accessories in any possible setup for a wide range of applications. For microscopy, spectroscopy, and any analytical technology, we provide all setups for accurate positioning of hardware or samples to help the analysis process with automated routines or easier procedures.

Today, a huge variety of positioning systems is available to satisfy all needs possible in a wide range of applications. Manual or motor driven, this is a modular system of positioning stages and hardware that allows you to quickly and easily create a complete single or multi-axis system by simply bolting together modular components.
To begin, we recommend you develop a list of requirements for your application and contact us.

We also have developed our own programmable step motor controllers.

  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Low cost
  • Choose complete systems or individual components.

We manufacture custom-engineered motion control systems for all kind of applications: semiconductor, medical, laboratory, lasers, automotive, packaging, and more. We provide systems tailor-made for our customers operations, while employing the most accurate, highest performance motion control and positioning components available. And with the knowledge we have from designing and manufacturing the components that make up these systems, engineered motion control systems work the first time, every time.