Microscope Smart-Eye

Digital portable microscope Smart-Eye

Digital portable microscope Smart-Eye
Digital portable microscope Smart-Eye is a type of handheld equipment with high quality imaging.
Typical applications: industrial Inspection, computer parts inspection, telecom module inspection, scientific teaching tool, medical analysis, school research tool, skin examination

Smart-Eye ™ digital portable microscope

Microptik Smart-Eye digital handle microscope principle schemeThe Smart-Eye is a machine vision based concept in applied microscopy for the professional user. The digital portable microscope system consists of a compact digital mini microscope mounted on a multifunctional high precision stand.

The high speed USB interface allows convenient interfacing with a lab top through dedicated control and acquisition software. All of this comes at a most reasonable and affordable price. For research as well as quality inspection the Smart-eye system is very suitable.

Digital portable microscope Smart-Eye set-up

A typical configuration of a digital portable microscope Smart-Eye system is depicted in the diagram on the right.The central unit of the system is a mini microscope with build CMOS camera sensor with up to 1.3 MP resolution, a build in LED ring Light, a magnification wheel allowing 10-50X, 200X magnification or 500X fixed and a microtouch function and high speed USB 2.0 interface.
The camera and lighting unit is controled by acquisition and control software installed on the lab top.

 CMOS Sensor

The last decenniad, technology has advanced to such an extend that CMOS sensors for use in camera devices have become better in quality. For many CMOS sensors give equal quality images as compared with the more expensive CCD cameras. The 1260x1024 pixels of the Smart-eye sensor allows acquisition of images with a speed of 30 frames/sec.

Build in LED light

In the mini-camera 8 LED lights form an illumination ring which can be swithed on and off by the software. Instead of white light flurescence UV diffuser LED lights can be selected.

Magnification and focus

The digital portable microscope Smart-Eye mini-camera system has a magnification wheel, which allows to inspect objects from 10~50X, 200x or 500X in fixed mode. The magnification position can be calibrated through the Mimas software.


The mini-camera has a micro-touch function. This is a manual button to trigger the capture of an image.

Using digital portable microscope Smart-Eye

Microptik Smart-Eye digital handle microscope application

High Speed USB 2.0

The mini-camera comes with a high speed USB 2.0 interface.

Digital portable microscope Smart-Eye software

For the digital portable microscope Smart-Eye system we provide various software options enabling, real time video display, image data management, image analysis, geometric measurement, real time particle analyis, statistics, with related graphing and many more. Our standard Mimas software package is Windows based.


Microptik provides many useful accessories. Most configurations are based around our multifunctional stand which can be used for practically all possible experiments. The stand consists of a massive anodized aluminium base plate where a stainless steel rod is vertically positioned. On the rod a positioning unit is placed to firmly hold the camera The base block which allows a sample to be inspected either from the top or with back light. The cylindrical basin in the base plate allows a mirror to be positioned such as to focus light arising from a multifiber cord of which end is positioned through the connector on the base plate. The Mini-camera is mounted on the stand through various possible positioning units.

Examples of applications:

  • PCB soldering
  • Plastic parts structure
  • Bio specimen
  • Authentification
  • Jewelry
  • Mould profile
  • Micro-welding
  • Fine mechanical parts

Application scope:

  • Industrial Inspection
  • Computer Parts inspection
  • Telecom module inspection
  • Scientific teaching tool
  • Medical analysis
  • School research tool
  • Insect dissection/examination
  • Plant dissection/examination
  • Skin examination
  • Textile inspection
  • Collections/Coin/Jewelry inspection
  • Printing inspection

Micro-Eye 360 system

Microptik Smart-Eye digital handle microscope 360 degree inspection

Adjustable focus and Magnification 10X~200X 
Measurements and Calibration with software
Digital Microscope and Video Camera


  • Magnification: 10x - 200x @ 17” monitor full screen view
  • Field of View:
    Min.: 1.9 mm x 1.5 mm @ 17 mm working distance (1.5 µm/pixel)
    Max.: 82mm x 65 mm@300 mm working distance
  • Image Sensor: 1.3 Mega pixels
  • Video Capture Resolution 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240
  • Color: 24bit RGB or YUV or MJPG
  • Lens: High Precision Microscope Lens
  • Focus Range: Manual from 8mm to 300mm
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Exposure time: Auto
  • Light Source: Integrated adjustable LED illumination
  • Length: 122 mm
  • Diameter: 36 mm

Microptik Smart-Eye digital handle microscope application output


  • Output:
    USB-model(MV1302u): USB streaming video
    TV-model(MV401TV): Composite video
  • Power supply: 
    USB-model: 5V DC from USB port
    TV -model: Included external power supply
  • Wireless TV-model: TV Receiver: Included external power supply
  • Wireless Microscope: Li-ON battery
  • Wireless features: Tx/Rx frequency-2.4GHz 4 channels option
  • Transmission Power: 10mW / Receiving Sensitivity: -87dBm
  • Signal/Noise Ratio: 47dBm / Antenna Resistance: 50? 2.4GHz
  • Transmission distance: >5m