Digital Video Microscopy Micro-Eye 15

Digital Video Microscopy Micro-Eye 15
The Micro-Eye 15 is the newest generation Digital Video Microscope out of the BYOS family based on Windows™ operating system. The instrument has all the features required for a modern high quality microscope, i.e. superb images, user friendly, highly functional and adaptable set-up, ingenious, practically and superb illumination, many add on accessories, comprehensive data management and sophisticated images analysis software. All of this comes at a reasonable and affordable price.
A new look at samples!
360° (3D) inspection  & 3D Image stacking! All in one!

The Micro-Eye 15 is ideal for producing videos that can demonstrate details of (micro) structures. The system consists of a heavy duty stand with a continuous zoom microscope (50X - 300X) including 360° rotation head. The rotation mechanism has a mirror system that allows an image to be formed from a 360° perspective of the specimen. This is particularly effective for electronic circuit boards and similar objects with depth.
The Micro-Eye 15 is a unique, powerful and versatile Digital Microscope System which can be used for a wide variety of applications. Its very easy to use Plug and Play system. The Micro-Eye 15 System features large selection of high end optics and illumination; user friendly, powerful and highly adaptive software; height measurements and 3D modeling. A typical configuration of a Micro-Eye System is as depicted above. The central unit of the system is a 6X zoom lens with a rotary inspection head with build in LED illumination. On top of the lens a 3CCD high end camera is mounted able to generate true color images with superb quality.
A control box powers and controls the camera, rotary head and LED illumination. All modules are fully automatically controlled through software. Software can perform all sorts of geometrical analysis. The 3D data rendered can be visualized through various routines which are managed through MiVim (3D visualization A notebook can be linked with the camera. The illumination options are quite spectacular: coaxial, ring light, bright light, dark field. The double functional baseplate allows illumination to be performed through multi fiber cords as well as through LED. MicrOptik can provide all possible features to obtain the best possible image for the clients applications.


* Designed for quality inspection
* Plug & play system
* Immediate video recording
* Microscopic detail direct visible
* Flexible lens configuration
* Time & costs saving
* Integrated illumination
* User friendly software
* Runs under Windows

Lens with LED and rotation head

The Micro-Eye is equipped with a high quality 6X zoom lens, allowing magnifications from 50X till 300X. With the highest magnifications particles smaller than 10 micron can be detected. The unique tunable LED ring is integrated in the microscope head, allowing specimen to be inspected with best possible illumination.

3D Rotation Head

The rotation head, which can be placed on the high quality zoom lens has  two mirrors. One mirror has an angle of α with the object (see sketch) The other mirror has an angle of β with the longitudinal axis of the lens. Microptik provides rotation heads with α = 60° or 45°, and β = 45°.

3D stack & recombination

Once the 3D rotation head is removed, the system can use the zoom lens to inspect an object and acquire stacked images.  The software can fully automatically carry out the z-stacking and 3D recombination rendering the system in a truly versatile digital microscope.

Stand and Accessories

For the Micro-Eye, we provide high quality stand and accesories. When mounted on our motorized Z axis and using our XY table, the Micro-eye system can be used to inspect a complete sample at various positions and in different ways. In this way the 360° inspection gets a complete extra dimension! We offer also sophisticated robot configurations to inspect an object in any way the customer wants.


For the Micro-eye system we provide various software options enabling, real time video display, image data management, image analysis, geometric measurement, real time particle analysis, statistics, with related graphing and many more. Our standard Mishell Software package is Windows based.


See the attached flyer to view Micro-Eye 15 System Specifications and Mishell Image Analysis Software Package!

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