MHTMPR Microplate Reader

MHTMPR (High Throughput Micro-Plate Reader)

Microptik presents a new system for analysis of low volume samples. The Microplate Reader incorporates 3 different automated analysis routines: Color measurement, UV/VIS spectroscopy for microplate and nanodroplet analysis, all in one powerfull machine. This is the most complete analyzer in the market, ideal for research purposes in plastic industry, medical, biological, etc.

3 Automated analysis for microvolume samples

Color measurements
1 click for full analysis of microplate
Adjustable calibration & correlation methods
Multiple options of anlysis and regression of data
Optical density measurements

Microplate cells spectroscopy
Simultaneous 8 samples analysis
Extra fast scan of the 96 cells
Customizable ligh sources and fiber optics
Software for spectrum analysis

Nanodroplet measurements
(Nano) drop multicuvette spectrum analysis
Simultaneous scan of the drop plate

Fully automated, fast and reliable data of any kind of sample. Complete solutions for research and industrial applications in plastics, biochemistry analysis, medical industry...


Software developed by Microptik allows total control of the hardware, motors, light sources, etc. and user friendly operation mode for user to export and treat data. Calibration of color measurement and adjustment are easily setup for interpolation (linear adjustment, polinomic, point to point, segmental, parameter fit...). Also in the software we introduced software for data acwuisition from spectrum and comparision with database for recognition.