Mask aligner

Mask Aligner

Mask Aligner
Mask aligner for photo mask and wafer alignment.
High accuracy mask movement.
Mask aligner precision optical alignment system.
Non-contact mask aligner system.

Non-Contact Aligner(MSMA-1200M)

Non-contact mask alignerMask aligner applicable to wafers up to 6 inches in diameter.
"For Research and Development, Multiproduct Production Field".
"Cutting Edge of Technology".
Adoption of fully non-contact calibration system.
No damage to mask and wafer in calibration.
Significant improvement in gap accuracy.
Interactive operation on PC monitor is adopted.
High precision alignment based on "assist lines" is possible.

SMA-600M is a manual mask aligner for R&D and multiproduct production field, which adopts a clear optical system and fully non-contact calibration unit. The exposure up to 150mm wafer is capable by contact or proximity mode. It is the most suitable system in exposure process for various kinds of electronic devices such compound semiconductors as LD, LED, and manufacturing process for micromachines including pressure sensor and the like.

Desk Top Mask Aligner(MEMA-800)

Microptik mask aligner MEMA-800


  • Economical, Compact & Hi-Level Performance mask aligner
  • Viewing fused image of two alignment marks in the field of view.
  • Integrator lens for exposure.
  • LED illuminator


(Micromachine development in R&D center and university)

  • Acuator, Pressure Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Power Device, etc.
  • Exposure for Flip Chip/BGA/CSP.
  • Exposure for Optical/High Speed Communication Components.

Mask aligner specification

Alignment Scope
Objectives separation 15 ~ 75mm
Total magnification 100X
Illuminator for observation Red LED (l=633 nm)
X, Y Movement range of stage ±5 mm
Adjustment ±5°
Power source for main body and mercury lamp AC 100V 50/60Hz 15A
Vacuum source Below 21.3 Kpa (-80 Kpa from atmospheric pressure)
Exposure Unit
Lens Integrator lens
Mercury lamp 250W ultra-high pressure vapor mercury lamp
Effective exposure area Max 100 mm
Intensity distribution ±5% or less
Intensity of illumination 20 mW/cm2 (405 nm)
Exposure time control Digital timer and rotary solenoid
Mercury Lamp Lighting Unit AC 110V

Double View Mask Aligner

(applicable to wafers up to 4 inches in diameter)
(applicable to wafers up to 6 inches in diameter)
(applicable to wafers up to 8 inches in diameter)
Microptik mask aligner  MPEM-16M Microptik mask aligner  MPEM-12M Microptik mask aligner  MPEM-1600

The MPEM series is a high precision double-view mask aligner including alignment optical systems on the top and bottom sides of a wafer, so that contact, soft-contact, and proximity patterning can be performed to the top side surface, in alignment with the pattern on the bottom side of the wafer. The accurate alignment of the mask and wafer was made possibly by the high- resolution optical system with the symmetrically arranged 10X objective lenses installed on the top and bottom sides. As the separation between the paired objective lenses can be adjusted, irregularly formed wafers can also be aligned freely.

* Besides the above, Motorized type MPEM-2000/4000 and Full Auto type MPEM-8M/12M are available.

Mask aligner specification

  MPEM-1600 MPEM-12M MPEM-16M
Photomask size 5-inches maximum 7-inches maximum 9-inches maximum
Wafer size up to 4-inches (Amorphous) up to 6-inches (Amorphous) up to 8-inches (Amorphous)
Mask holder sliding Manual chuck
Mask movement X=±3 mm, Y=±3 mm
Exposure Method Soft contact / Hard contact / Proximity exposures    
Illumination 250W ultra-high-pressure vapor mercury lamp 500W ultra-high-pressure vapor mercury lamp
Illumination irregularity ±5%
Effective exposure area O 100 mm in diamete O 150 mm in diamete O 200 mm in diamete
Resolution 3mµ L/S
Alignment Method Viewing by eyepieces (Sprit field system) 9-inch TV monitor system
Objective lenses 10X two pairs (upper/lower)
Eyepieces NWF 10X (one pair) -
Total magnification 100X 200X
Objective lens separation 15 ~ 90 mm 80 ~ 140 mm 55 ~ 184 mm
Focusing units Manual
Alignment range X, Y = ±4mm
? = ±22.5°
X, Y = ±4mm
? = ±5°
Alignment gap 09 ~ 99µm
Alignment accuracy less than ±5mm
Utilities Power supply for main unit 100-220V AC, 50/60Hz, 15A (600W)
Power supply for mercury lamp 100-220V AC, 50/60Hz, 15A (550W) 100-220V AC, 50/60Hz, 15A (1,100W)
N2 gas 0.4 ~ 0.5 Mpa 100-220V AC, 50/60Hz, 15A (1,100W)
Vacuum pressure less than 21.3kPa
(-80kPa from atmospheric pressure)
Dimensions (main unit) 750(W)x
Net weight approx. 450 kg approx. 550 kg approx. 700 kg
Options NWF 15X eyepieces (one pair)
9-inch TV monitor system (black and white)