Manual products

Manual products

In those cases where a completely automated system is not required, or where one or more axes needs very infrequent adjustment, or perhaps in early stage proof-of-concept laboratory experiments, manual stages can do the job. We offer a line of nanometer resolution, large travel range, rotary and linear tables. These manual stages, which have been used extensively by the major research laboratories throughout the world over the past thirty years, offer excellent in-position stability, high positioning resolution, large adjustment range, and outstanding thermal stability.

  • Manual stages move a sample in XYZ travel and angular rotation.
  • Most models are available in shorter or longer travel lengths.
  • This devices have successfully been used in environments like, clean rooms, outdoors, underwater, in vacuum, attached to aircraft, on naval ships, and in outer space.

Different kind of setupsMicroptik manual positioning system

  1. Rapid Advance Models
  2. XY Tables & work plates
  3. Elevating Tables
  4. Two Sliders and a Common Base
  5. Knob on Side of Stage
  6. Micrometer Head Models
  7. Graduated Knob Models
  8. Manual Now - Motorized Late
  9. Rotatory tables

Microptik manual positioning system rotation table