Lab-Robot Polymer Density

Lab-Robot Polymer Density

Lab-Robot Polymer Density
MicrOptik LR-PD system is the latest Robot analyser of its kind in the high throughput accurate determination of density in polyolefins.
The density is measured through standard absolute Volumetric Mass principle (MVS). In the measurement the Hydrostatic Push principle is uses where a plague of a certain dimension is weighed before submersed into a certain liquid. When the plague is submersed the respective weight is determined and subsequent the MVS value is calculated.  Through the auto samples a total of 20 polymer plagues can be analysed in less than 5 minutes per sample. The system is equipped with a powerful Touch screen computer to control the measurement and to adapt the system for all possible analysis.
MicrOptik LRPD.  Lab-Robot polymer density LRPD is a must have, high throughput analyzer, system in the modern polyolefins production quality control lab. It can handle up to 20 polymer plaques and produces results in less than 5 minutes for each sample. The analysis is based on MVS (Absolute Volumetric Mass) determination where a plague is weighed before and after submerging into a certain liquid. Using the so called hydrostatic push principle the system can determine with great accuracy the density of the samples. The system outperforms the conventional column gradient methods in ease of usage, accuracy and in analysis time. The system is operating and generating data in accordance with ISO9000 standards (i.e. to  ISO1183 and ISO2781).  The analyzer method uses three different standards:
- Temperature standard (certified thermometer)
- 2 density standards (certified)
- 2 volume standards (certified)
Through linear regression the system relates primary standards with the analysis data.
The system is equipped with the standards for cross reference. The system is equipped with the finest temperature control system assuring accurate measurements. 
The analytical operation procedure of the LRPD is as follows:
The operator produces plagues of a certain geometry using a mould. MicrOptik provides convenient plague press procedures for the LRPD in accordance to any popular standards. One accessory in particular, the M-24T-Pellet & film press, is a very convenient tool. The plagues of the different polyolefin samples are mounted in the LRPD. In the stack of samples, calibration standards can be mounted as well.  The operator enters the respective sample names of the plaques.
The operator choses the respective analytical recipies for the plagues. For example, temperature, time intervals for warming up. Then after entering the operation parameters the run botton is  activated. The Robot now takes full control of the measurement and the only thing the operator has to do is wait untill all the sampels have been analysed.
During the cycles the liquid bath is thermostated at a precise temperature. Then when the plague is taken form the stack the plague is positioned on the balance. Hereafter the complete plague is submersed in the liquid. The weight is subsequently measured again and the mathematical producere is carried out to result in an accureate prediction of the MVS. The system is compliant to the ISO1183 and ISO2781 standards.
Temperature Range 15-40 °C
Power Supply 230V AC/115V AC, 50/60 Hz
3D robot with 3 axis, rotation  and gripper
Automatic submersion system                   
For accurate loading and unloading  of plagues to and from the balance.
With 17 Nema stepper motor and spindle slide to lift complete thermostated liquid bath to submerse the sample.
Power consumption 18W
Stack for samples Sample rack for mounting calibration standards as well as samples.
Samples sizes
Auto sampler
Approximately 4 cm in diameter.
20 positions
to  ISO1183 and ISO2781 standards
Range of temperature for measurement
Analysis time
from 10°C to 50°C (usually 23°C)
180-240 s/sample

Touch screen minicomputer with many features:
SDD SanDisk Ultra II SDSSDHII-120G-G25 HDD Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1 TB | Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H|RAM
Kingston HyperX Fury Black |HX318C10FBK2/16 16 GB DDR3-RAM
Processor  Intel® Core™ i7 i7-4790K Quad Core 4 x 4.0 GHz
Graphics Card  PNY VCQK2200-PB 4 GB
Power supply  Coolermaster G750M 750 W
PC box  Cooler Master Black

Software Windows® & (or higher). Powered by Mishell®
Mishell is a registered trademark of Microptik BV
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft corporation
Dimensions (LxWxH) 50 x 60 x 50 cm

Can be supplied with LRPD


35 kg

M-24T-Pellet & film press
Analytical balance div. 0,0001g or 0,00001g or similar
Standards of density and standard certified Volume (not required)
Criothermostat with an external circulation pump


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