Digital Video Microscopy Submicron Depth Resolution Microscope Gel-Eye

Digital Video Microscopy Submicron Depth Resolution Microscope Gel-Eye
BYOS Gel-Eye is unique digital microscopy product.
Setup able for detailed surface analysis including topography, geometric and morphometry analysis.

Gel-Eye Submicron Depth Resolution

Submicron Depth Resolution microscope Gel-Eye sample example

BYOS Gel-EyeTM is a revolutionary product in digital microscopy developed by microptik. It goes beyond the conventional techniques limitations reaching new submicron frontiers with greater magnification and height information of the sample. More in depth exploration and 3D reconstruction makes this Gel-Eye a unique product.

The concept is based on a slab of transparent elastomer, featuring one side coated with a paint containing tiny flecks of metal. When pressed against the surface of an object, it deforms. A camera mounted on the other side of the slab gets the image, which is analyzed by the algorithms of our powerful software. Gel-Eye makes multiple measurements of the elastomer’s deformation, so it can produce 3-D models of an object, which can then be manipulated on a computer screen.

Equipped with a special designed lens system, Gel-Eye can resolve features as small as 2 μm spatially with submicron depth resolution.



  • Height measurement fucntions and 3D models  generation.
  • Unique 3D colored and textured modeling.
  • Different 3D visualizations and adjustments.


  • Measurements functions (distances, areas, angles).
  • Identification of tne particles/defects and calculation the detailed shape and size information: Perimeter, Area, Roundness, Elongation, Compactness, Convexity...


  • Images optimizations and mathematical morphology functions.
  • Images calculations. Logical operations on images. Integrated analysis of formulas.
  • Additionally
  • Different charts and distribution plots.
  • Export the data to different standard formats.
  • Special functions and adjustments possible on demand.


  • Digital camera: USB 2.0 2MPix CCD 1/1.8 “ 1624 x 1236 Resolution.
  • Lens: High quality zoom lens with set of different objectives.
  • Sensor: soft elastomeric sensor.
  • Illumination: Circular array of LED’s RGB tunable light.