Fruit and vegetable inspection and sorting

Microptik provides custom developed inspection and sorting systems for all sorts of businesses. For the fruit and vegetable industry we have a modular analyzer concept which fulfills most of the industrial criteria. In this industry, picking out the non-fresh products is vital. One rotten fruit can easily ruin an entire batch and hence can cause significant financial damage. Microptik has worked together with traders and logistic companies who deal with distribution, transportation and storage of fresh products to develop a simple to use analysis system which can identify rotten fruits while stored in the crates. The technology uses a combination of image and head space analysis to warn the relevant stake holders on which batches have rotten fruits in the bio mass.
In this video one can see the identification based on image analysis.
The result of the identification ends in a classification process. Custom defined criteria can be used to classify the different products in accordance to freshness.
We encourage clients in this fresh fruit and vegetable business to contact our representatives to tune in on their specific needs.More info: