Lab-Robot Fiber Inspection

High throughput robotics combined with morphometric parametric Software to determine quantity, width and lenght of fibers. It can be used for precise, easy and time saving in-line quality inspection of Wool, and other types of fibers. 

Completly automatic analysis of any type of fiber to directly measure the following parameters:

• Quantity
Measuremen of the number of fibers by interpolation of morphometric parameters
• Width
The fineness of wool fibres can vary over the growth period as a result of external conditions such as season, weather, feed, etc.
The Lab-robot fiber inspection System measures length by counting the number of fibres across the beard at 5mm steps. Diameter, Length, Hauteur and Barbe (by numbers or by weight) and their distributions are the most important measurements of long staple fibres influencing the spinning quality. A change in fibre diameter profile along the beard will cause the Hauteur to be different from the fibre length.
• Diameter Profile
Causes of diameter profile in a beard:
-Wool used to blend for the top has a profile, such as wool sourced at the same time of year from sheep running in conditions of seasonal feed variation.
-Fibres are selectively broken during the top making process, for example: if the fine fibres break then the diameter will increase along the beard.
-Wool is blended from different sources, for example: short fine wool blended with broader longer wool would create an increasing diameter profile along the beard
Lab-Robot Fiber inspection provides more information about quality of fibers at a lower overall purchase and operation cost..
It measures fibre length directly and the hauteur is is calculated without cross section biased length. Short fibre content can be very different when measured by length rather than by hauteur, and previously unexplained processing results may be resolved with the new measurements.
Lab-robot Fiber inspection System is ideal for textile mills, research institutes and arbitrators, for quality control of all type of fibers. completey automatic isnpection and user friendly software with automatic report creation makes this equipment very comfortable to use and versatile for a wide variety of applications since it can measure most fibre types, including wool, cashmere, mohair, silk and many synthetic fibres.
With the digital video technology, you can manage long thin places and short fibre content that affect your product quality and your profits. Now you can analyze not only the raw material, but also the entire spinning process. 
  • Measure the major fiber characteristics in a complete automatic analysis.
  • Determination of the content of coarse fibers which cause the prickly feeling found in certain garments.
  • Labor and time saving due to one sample preparation and no operator involvement in measurement phase.
  • The process of cost optimization can only be controlled with precise measuring data which will provide relevant textile technology
  • For the first time, Diameter Profile can be automatically obtained (diferent plots and distribution charts diameter vs. length for example and automatic report creation)