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Laboratory Feeder MLF024

Laboratory Feeder MLF024
Microptik Lab Feeder conveys oriented parts in a linear motion across tracks designed to transport a specific part shape or product.
MLF024 unique self-canceling design reduces the vibration transmitted to the mounting surface.
Microptik Lab Feeder can be fastened directly to the machine base and requires no rubber feet for mounting.
MLF024 Lab Feeder is compact and does not occupy much space
Easy installation and operation
Can handle a wide range of weight and length modification of the track
According to the customer's need the vibration table of certain size and shape can be ordered

Thechnical specification

Power supply:                      110…240VAC, 50-60Hz

Loading Frequency:             10…200Hz 

Load capacity:                       up to 2 kg/min (> 2kg/min per request)

Controller and Software

The Lab Feeder Controller is special designed frequency controller and power supply for MLF024. The controller has a built-in power supply and can externally be controlled through a USB2.0 communication port. Software provides a convenient platform for all possible experiments. Feeder frequency adjustments can be selected conveniently through the relevant menus. For applications which requires Lighting adjustments or other possible units, controller has an extra DB9 output connector with three (24V@30A) PWM (0….100%) 32kHz channels (open drain), two logic level channels (TTL)  and one adjustable frequency channel up to 500Hz (24V@30A).

Overall Dimensions (mm)

Vibration table