High power zoom microscopy Far-Eye

High power zoom microscopy Far-Eye
Microptik digital microscope analyzer Far-Eye

Far-eye comprises a Zoom Microscope system with lenses having ultra long working distances allowing distant objects to be inspected with high quality. The long working distance microscope is a high power zoom microscope equipped with a 14x zoom ration, realizing high N.A., high resolution and ultra long working distance operation. The series comes in three types with different working distances (300, 200 and 100 mm).

Microscope set-up

A typical configuration of a Far-eye system is depicted in the diagram on the right.

Zoom lens body

The central unit of the system is a zoom lens body equipped with a large diameter objective lens with a 14X zoom ratio, realizing high N.A.,high resolution and ultra long working distance.
The Zoom lens bodies differ in working distances. The optimum optical system is selected in accordance with observation environment and purpose.

                         Ultra Long working distance zoom microscope

High accuracy Stand

Microptik Ultra Long working distance zoom microscope

For practial all applications we provide a stand with mounting accecory for the specific Zoom Lens body.

We provide mounting assemblies that permits observation of a sample in test equipments. A tilting stage provides flexibility to position the zoom lens body in any required fixation. The rough/fine motion bracket provides flexibility in positioning the zoom body towards the sample for optimizing the focal distance.


Micro-Optik’s DiMiC™ system provides a Metal Halide source which can be coupled with a multi fiber cord, guiding light to the coaxial connector of the Zoom body.


The unique features of the Ultra-long Working distances of the Zoom bodies permit the measurement of samples further away from the lens then in conventional systems. With a configuration one is able to observe phenomenas in the inside of a vacuum chamber, allowing to acquire microscopy images in-situe during reaction. As many as 19 lenses are arranged inside the optical system, to combine 14X optical zooming with ultra long working distance without any compromise in image quality. A large diameter objective lens with a maximum lens diameter of 55mm ensures higher N.A and higher resolution.

Microptik Ultra Long working distance zoom microscope scheme

The FE300 Zoom lens has been most frequently used for observations inside vacuum chambers. Real time observations of enlarged images of crystal and film formation processed are permitted by monitoring through a glass window. The magnification range of the FE300 is 30-420X. The N.A. is 0.067 and the maximum resolution is 5.0 µm. The working distance of almost 300mm operation system ensures a focal depth of 5.5 mm. The FE300 is also very suitable for targeting a AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) in a vacuum chamber

The FE200 permits observation with a braod magnification range from 42-588X. The NA is 0.093, the resolution is 2.8mm. Among other models the FE200 is well balanced, delivering outstanding performance in many applications. With the flexible stand the FE200 can be placed in all directions. This model is ideal for observation of heat-generating samples, soldering processes and precision micro finished products, as well as for observation of wire bonding conditions when a probe is put on a semiconductor aluminium wiring to conduct a cirbuit test under a microscope.

The FE100 is ideal for high magnification applications where comfort is requried through a long working distance. The FE100 allows magnification from 90-1260X. The N.A. is 0.2 and the resulution 1.7 µm. The FE100 has been used frequently for AFM alignment, bulb filament and submerged samples.

MIMAS software:

With a complete system we provide our MIMAS software package. MIMAS is a sophisticated package with many features. MIMAS provides extensive 2D as well as 3D geometrical calculations. For in-situ kinetic experiments we provide real time morphometric routines for particle characterization and statistical visualisation. For non standard applications our software engineers can develope tailored solutons. For the semiconductor industry we have developed software to enhance visualisation of soldering processes.

Microptik digital microscope analyzer software MiMaSMicroptik digital microscope analyzer software MiMaS