Dynamic 3D Reconstruction

Lab-Robot Dynamic 3D Reconstruction

This is a high throughput and fully automated system that combines three pionneer technologies for 3D data adquisition and reconstruction. High quality surface profiling scann and detailed depth information can by coupled to obtain a solid 3D model by merging Laser Topography, DFD and Dynamic Patern Proyection technologies.

Custom built real time 3D reconstruction

In Microptik we have developed new technology for real time 3D reconstruction of objects. Through a combination of a projected pattern on an object using propiertary software, we can reconstruct the 3rd dimension of objects in real time.This technology can be applied for unlimited applications, for inspection and recognition, identification, etc. Several hybrid combinations are possible.

Microptik 3D reconstruction

Facial reconstruction and Identification by Biometric analysis

Microptik 3D reconstruction of face

Automotive Industry

Microptik 3D reconstruction

Biomedical Industry

Microptik 3D reconstruction of difficult shapes

And many more...

Microptik 3D reconstruction of shapes