Carbon Black Determination in Polyolefin

Total Carbon Black in Polyolefin Determination

Total Carbon Black in Polyolefin Determination
MicrOptik provides a complete package to measure Total Carbon Black in Polyolefin. Standard Test Methods ASTM D 1603-94 and ISO 6964-1986 (E) are used in this application enabling to determine Total Carbon Black in olefin plastics, polyolefin pipes and fittings, polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutylene. The determination of carbon black is made after pyrolysis of the sample under an inert gas (i.e. N2). The test method is not valid if the resin contains non-volatile fillers or pigments other than carbon black
Principles of the analysis

The first step of the analysis is a pyrolysis of the material at 500oC. The subsequent step is a calcination of the remaining sample at 900oC. The carbon black content is expressed as a percentage by mass, through the following formula: (m2-m3)/m1 x 100, where m1 = the mass, in grams, of the test portion | m2 = the mass, In grams, of the sample boat plus the test portion after pyrolysis at 500oC | m3 = the mass, in grams, of the sample boat after calcination at 900oC, with ash where appropriate. | The analysis has to be carried out in threefold and the arithmetic mean is reported. The ash yield is expressed as a percentage of the original mass from the formula: (m3-m)/m1* 100 where m = the mass, in grams, of the sample boat .| m1 and m3 as above.

The following apparatus are used

* Dreschel Bottle
* Bubbler bottle
* Pyrex reactor tube
* Glass tubing plus matching rubber & pastic
* Bunsen Burner
* Flow meter
* Neoprene stoppers with glass tubes
* Ground glass stopper
* Solid Tube furnace
* Muffle furnace
* Iron-Constantan Thermocouple
* LED Temperature Indicator
* Zirconia Combustion Boat
* Desiccator with desiccant

The following reagents and Materials are used

* Carbon dioxide (drye Ice)
* Dessicant, such as CaCL2
* Nitrogen, Low oxygen content (see ASTM)

The MicrOptik total carbon in olefin plastics package contains all hardware required to carry out the analysis, as well as a full procedure. The procedure can be provided in all languages.

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