Bottle Inspector

Bottle Inspection System

Bottle Inspection System
The Bottle Inspector is the latest in Image analysis technology for complete bottle inspection. The system is capable to measure all critical to quality parameters in the production of bottles. Both cap and bottle body geometrical details. The housing is build around strong aluminium frames and can withstand demanding industrial environments
System measures the following parameters:
From the neck:
1) Length
2) Width
3) Depth
4) Circumference
5) Cap : length, width, depth and circumference
6)The winding details where cap is fixed.

Finish (A, T, E, F, D, S, H, L, K, B, Tilt)
Body Diameters and Width
Pushup/ Base clearance
Inside diameter

3D Scanner Incorporated

Microptik has developed a 3D scanner for the bottle industry to scan so called Caps and Shoulders. These parts are essential for equipment manufactures producing systems for seamless plastic tube packaging. High end 3D scanners provide 3D data which can be exported to popular CAD software for further re-engineering. Our systems copy the parts and produces CAD data.

Analyzer System
The analyzer system which holds all the analyzer equipment is assembled in a rugged  industrial box. The frame of the box is made out of strong aluminum profiles rendering the system shock proof and very suitable to function in a demanding industrial environment. The operator can open the front door of the analyzer and subsequently place the bottle in the analyzer system. Upon closing the door, the analyzer is activated by a simple press of a button.

Illumination Techniques

The bottle inspector is using several proprietary illumination techniques to measure all the important features of the bottle.

Neck Finish Inner Crack Inspection

Neck Finish Inspection (surface of neck finish)
Neck Finish Internal Crack Inspection (cracks in glass below surface)
Sidewall Inspection
Bottom Inspection
Permanent Label inspection

Operation Software
The software to operate the bottle inspector is very versatile but still easy to use. The software allows the QC inspector to see the whole bottle with related quality parameters and also the neck.

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