Borescopy: Solder joint in BGA

BORESCOPY in the production of electronic devices. Professional inspection of inaccesible areas

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Powerful platform for hidden solder joints inspection!

The DiMiC ™ XYZ (a,b) borescope is a very powerful, versatile and flexible platform for the inspection of hidden solder joints in PCB‘s.

Solder joint in BGA concept

We offer custom build solutions for the inspection of any kind of small electronicaldevices produced in the electronic industry. We develop and produce high quality digital video inspection systems for the production of electronics. In particular we offer specific optical hard and software solutions for complete automatic quality control. For hidden artifacts in soldering we provide borescopic tools integrated into the DiMiCTMXYZ inspection platform which can be used to visualize the quality the electronic products. Our tools help the professionals in the electronic production industry to overcome barriers in the engineering of challenging and demanding proto-types. Our competitive lead in digital video microscopy technology with custom build inspection accessories for the electronic production, helps our client to be in the forefront of technology and to sustain their lead in the business.

Leading in electronic device Inspection

Solder joint in BGA principle

The DiMiC ™ XYZ (a,b) borescope is a very powerful, versatile and flexible platform for the inspection of hidden solder joints in PCB‘s.

In high output production facilities there is lesser room for mistakes and hence the ease in which defects have to be found is ever growing. Our developers know this business and are many times face to face with the end-users to provide them with handy and reliable tools. We work hard to keep abreast of development and feel what our customers need


Solder joint in BGA endoscopy

As the electronic devices are becoming ever smaller a technology which is referred to as borescopy is used. The principle of borescopy is explained by the following animation.

  1. Light from a bright lamp outside the object shines into one of the borescope tubes
  2. The light bounces along the walls of the fiber-optic borescope tube into the cavity
  3. The artifacts of the device (i.e. mostly soldering joint) is illuminated by the light shining in
  4. Light reflected off the sample part travels back up a second fiber-optic tube, bouncing off the glass walls as it goes
  5. The light shines up into the optics before the camera leading to an image which may or may not be processed

Solder joint in BGA proccess

The kind of borescopes used for soldering inspections (i.e. BGA) are so called ‘Rigid borescopes’ and they are mostly more shorter than their counterparts ‘flexible borescopes’. These are often used to look at the surface of an object which are enclosed in a confined space which is not trivially accessible by any other microscopic device. The rigid borescopes are compact and end in a piece which is called the sensor head or simply end piece. The quality of the image obtained depends on many aspects, i.e. the amount and quality of fibers used to guide the light to the end piece, the amount and quality of fibers used to guide the light of the reflected light from the object back to the borescope to the couple into the camera, the optics of the end piece, the mirrors and lenses

Microptikgroup has developed a very thin borescope which can be easily maneuvered through the various devices on the PCB board and is equipped with extremely fine and precise optics such as optical fibers , mirrors and lenses. In the image left an impression is given of our MS2550PLO borescope sensor. Further in the catalogue technical details of this unique borescope sensor head is given. A very unique feature is that the borescope has a very efficient illumination head integrated in the end piece to allow maximum visibility of any defect at an angle of 90o towards the borescopic axis.

Some impressions

Solder joint in BGA impressions

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