MicrOptik 3D-Eye is an add on module which allows all possible conventional microscopes to be converted into 3D high end microscope system to generate 3D reconstructed images. The system is compatible with bright field, dark field, phase contrast and polarization microscopy. During acquisition one can either select the manual mode or the automatic mode. In less than one second a 3D reconstruction is generated out of a stack of images.

Whatever your Microscope may be -
Turn it into a High End 3D Microscope!

With the 3D-Eye a High Quality 3D Image is acquired in a few seconds!

The Concept

The 3D-Eye is placed between the camera and the infinity corrected objective lens assembly of the microscope. For all sorts of objectives MicrOptik provides calibration for 3D rendering of images. The achievable z-axis range and resolution corresponds to the following table
Magnification Z-range Z resolution
1x 400mm 100µm
5x 16mm 4µm
10x 4mm 1µm
40x 200um 0.05µm


* Manual or Automatic modes.
* 3D reconstruction is generated out in less than 1 second.
* All possible 2D and 3D geometry tools are provided in the software.
* All possible topography tools are provided to investigate the surface of a sample, i.e. profile scan, surface roughness, volume calculations.
* DIC analysis for samples where matrix and objects have similar refractive index.

Depth from Defocus!

Through software The 3D-Eye allows images to be recorded with different depth of view. Which means that a stack of images can be recorded with a different sharpness towards the surface of the sample. As for each image the focal distance is known, our software can extract the sharp part and disregard the non-sharp. Doing so for the whole stack the images can be reconstructed into a 3D topography plot.


We provide off the shelf 3D-Eye calibration models for all popular camera’s. If there is a camera not in our library we can adapt the 3D-Eye for your system.

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